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Plastic regrind

​Plastic regrind is a plastic material that goes through a process in which previously processed plastic has been shredded and regrounded by a cutting mill.

As a result of this, a new raw material is produced from plastic waste, which can make a significant contribution to the efficiency and sustainability of the plastic processing industry.

Importance of plastic regrind


Plastic regrind offers the following benefits to plastic manufacturers and their clients:

  • Since already processed plastic waste is used for manufacturing, this increases the material's utility.

  • The cost of recycled and reused plastics is lower than using virgin materials.

  • The use of recycled plastic is more economical than the use of virgin resins.

  • The use of plastic regrind reduces environmental pollution from the non-biodegradable waste produced by humans.

  • Reduction in the burning of fossil fuels contributes to a reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases and carbon footprint.

The company Galangal offers a wide range of plastic material regrind as well as providing plastic regrind services for your company's production needs.


​We can produce plastic regrind from almost all kinds of plastic scrap, but our main field of expertise is related to HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) for injection and blow molding.

Company Galangal on a regular basis can offer the following types of scrap plastic regrind:

Company Galangal is interested in the following scrap plastic types:

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